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    Zembro bracelet

    A modern personal alarm for active seniors

    Zembro bracelet is the first intelligent bracelet specially designed for the elderly. It looks good. And better yet: it’s good company. It offers you the freedom, independence and peace of mind that is so crucially important.

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    How does it work?

“While we were away for a weekend, my father-in-law stayed at home. While in the garden, he became ill and fell. We only found him two days later.

This is a problem we don’t want anyone to ever have to experience. That is why we created Zembro.”
- Harry, 53, co-founder of Zembro

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The most beautiful gift of all: always someone close

It’s a highly recognisable situation for a lot of people: your parents, sister, brother, or friends are a day older and as a result, you become a bit more concerned. Usually things are fine. It goes without saying that some activities become more difficult, but of course, the person you care about has decided they don’t want to bother you with these ‘little trifles’.

Until one day something happens:
An innocent fall, a spot of dizziness or a little accident in the kitchen. And you don’t know anything about it. It starts you thinking, because: What if…?

This is why Zembro is launching the Zembro bracelet
An elegant bracelet, it features smart functions and is connected to an app. Zembro personal alarm keeps you in touch with each other. At any time. Including those moments when it is so crucially important. And that gives everyone peace of mind. Because you’re always nearby. Even when you’re not in the neighbourhood.

The Zembro bracelet makes the connection with your family or friends even stronger. And isn’t that the most beautiful gift that you could possibly give someone?

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a bracelet that's easy to use

The Zembro bracelet

Sounds an alarm and informs family

Has coverage everywhere in Europe

Battery charge lasts at least a week

Attractive and elegant, it’s comfortable to wear, day and night

Knows where the wearer is

Waterproof: you can shower, swim and do the dishes while wearing it

A modern watch for everyday

Speaking and listening mode

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One smart app for all Zembro connections

The Zembro app


iOS and Android

Multiple Users

Family, friends, alarm centre


When alarms are activated, for irregularities, empty batteries, etc.

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Using a Zembro bracelet is simple

The bracelet – for the Zembro senior

  1. Charge the bracelet for use for an hour using the supplied USB cable …
  2. … and it’s ready to be worn. It’s as simple as that! The bracelet works immediately. There is no mobile phone plan required. 

The app – for the Zembro connections

There is an unlimited number of users. Anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone is still able to be kept informed by SMS on a regular mobile phone.

  1. Download the Zembro app from www.zembro.com/bracelet or the App Store.
  2. Follow the steps in the app to activate your connections.
  3. Done!

Easy to use with three functions

  1. If you press the button once, the clock will appear.
  2. If you press the button twice, you’ll see the battery status and other information.
  3. If you hold the button down for four seconds, the bracelet will sound the alarm and inform all your Zembro connections. Zembro sends your connections a message, one by one. They can then telephone the bracelet. You can talk with each other, via the bracelet.

For maximum safety, we advise wearing the bracelet at all times: even at night, in the bath, while washing the dishes and of course, if you are going shopping, for a walk or a bike ride.

You need to recharge it for approximately one hour every week.

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