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A young start-up, but first and foremost, a group of enthusiastic people.

‘Passionate about helping people, curious by nature and constantly on the search for a new challenge, I chose Zembro. Because Zembro bracelet offers freedom and independence for seniors as well as peace of mind for the people who care about them.
I’ve committed all my know-how, energy and expertise to making the Zembro team a genuine dream team.’

- Laurence Paulus, Zembro HR & Recruitment Manager


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‘I have been active in innovative communication solutions for seniors for years. They are looking for solutions that offer them safe, discreet contact with their families, friends, neighbours and carers. Wherever they need it. Whenever they need it. Well designed and innovative services are crucially important to making this possible. Zembro presents the perfect answer. And that is why I am so happy to commit myself to this project.’

- Koen Delaet, Zembro Business Creator


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It all began on a trip to Silicon Valley

It’s a place full of young technological companies that push large multinationals or even whole sectors off balance. Just by being there, we were all bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Inspired by these darers and doers, we decided on our last evening there that this time, we wouldn’t just dream, we would do. Back in Belgium, we created our own start-up: Zembro.

We are indeed a start-up. In other words, we haven’t been around for a very long time. But we are also very far from being ‘finished’. Zembro bracelet is our first product. But our dreams are much greater!

We want to connect generations with each other to make sure they care for each other in the best way possible. We see digital technology as the means to making this a reality.

Together, they wanted to change the world for the better

Together, they wanted to change the world for the better

Wouter Beke, Bart Claes, Hans Cools, Christophe Degrez, Harry Demey, Katrien Devos, Colette Dierick, Marc Fauconnier, Marc Frederix, Peter Hinssen, Erik Luts, Dirk Oosterlinck, Barbara Torfs, Steven Van Belleghem, Chris Van Doorslaer, Luc Van Mol, Patrick Vanbrabandt

Our team grows every day
Working at Zembro

Our team grows every day

We are continuously looking for people with start-up DNA who want to be a part of our personal, high-tech adventure.

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