Anyone who’s 65 or over has 10 times more chance of falling than having a traffic accident

23 March 2016 - 3 minutes read

_VH_3399Did you know that someone over the age of 65 is ten times more likely to end up in the emergency room because of a fall than a traffic accident? There’s no doubt: these are startling figures. And they increase each and every year.

The consequences extend to finances as well

As well as the physical and the mental consequences, a fall often has considerable financial costs. According to VeiligheidNL, in 2014, the total direct medical costs from falls and related accidents in the Netherlands reached 810 million euro. The average cost per victim: € 9,100.

These statistics demonstrate the importance of fall prevention.

What if the prevention comes too late?

A walker, a safe anti-slip mat, an expensive stair lift, a shower chair or a safety-enhanced ‘triple’ chair: there are plenty of different approaches when it comes to preventing falls with the elderly. When you invest in these products, you rely on them to work properly.
It doesn’t take much to cause an accident. Just a spot of dizziness. An innocent fall. And even the smallest accident raises grave concerns. Because: what if …?
With the statistics from above in the back of your mind, it’s completely normal for you to be worried.

Fall prevention and the digital revolution

Preventing the elderly from falling has gradually undergone a digital transition. The technology has evolved extremely quickly, but that doesn’t need to be a problem.
On the contrary, Zembro combines the digital revolution with peace of mind for the elderly and their families.

Fall prevention in 2016

Zembro bracelet is an intelligent bracelet, specially designed for the elderly. The bracelet communicates with an app and automatically warns users of any problems. The app always knows where the bracelet is. The bracelet has reception across Europe and only needs to be charged once a week at most. And this is why Zembro bracelet is an excellent example of how fall prevention in 2016 can reduce the chance of falls — along with all the nasty consequences.

Zembro app

Freedom, independence and peace of mind are all extremely important. This applies to the elderly as well as their families.
Experience it for yourself. Discover the benefits of Zembro bracelet at one of our Experience Points. You can try Zembro bracelet for 30 days for free. Zembro bracelet is also available to rent on a monthly basis.

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