Zembro 24/7 alarm service saves lives

In the short amount of time that our Zembro bracelet and Zembro 24/7 alarm service…

Published 9 February 2016
4 minutes read

New: SMS notification for Zembro bracelet

You now have the possibility to receive an SMS notification of a Zembro bracelet alarm…

Published 9 February 2016
1 minute read

Zembro in the media 2015

In this blog post you will find all the English language articles published about Zembro…

Published 8 February 2016
Less than a minute read

Time for a personal alarm system?

As a member of the Zembro team I go to a lot of trade fairs….

Published 8 February 2016
6 minutes read

Home Care Entrepreneur Award 2015 for Zembro

Zembro won the Home Care Entrepreneur Award 2015 yesterday in Belgium. The winner was chosen…

Published 4 December 2015
1 minute read

World Alzheimer Day

It’s been years ago, but I still remember well. My dear grandmother got dementia. It…

Published 21 September 2015
3 minutes read

“Continuing to be as free as a bird is what I want”

I am Freddy, 66 years old and 1 year into my retirement. It may be…

Published 18 June 2015
5 minutes read

“What if? It keeps running through my mind”

My mother is 75 years old and has been living by herself ever since my…

Published 4 June 2015
5 minutes read

“One moment he’s still dad, the next he isn’t.”

My dad is 76 and lives at home with my mum. But they’re not the…

Published 15 May 2015
5 minutes read

“Some stories are so universal, that they become more than a story”

Some years ago. My wife’s father is in his early eighties. He lives alone. A…

Published 7 May 2015
5 minutes read
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