Backend Development Engineer

Looking to build something that improves the world… that connects generations…

Ready to save lives…

Company description

With Zembro, we want to connect generations so they can take better care of each other. We see digital technology as the opportunity to make that human dream come true.

Zembro is a Belgian start-up company, partner of world-leading nano-electronics research center imec and spin-off of UEST, and soul distributor of the smart bracelet designed to enable the elderly to connect with their relatives immediately, anytime and anywhere.

At Zembro we are always looking for people with entrepreneur DNA who want to be part of our human & high-tech adventure. We are energized by people who dare and do take care:

We’re hiring:

Backend Development Engineer


  • Responsible for designing and implementing server software. Analyses, tests, and assists with the integration of new applications as well as extending existing applications. Has in-depth experience, knowledge and skills in complex web-application implementation in javascript (Node.js). Usually determines own work priorities.



  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, Math, Statistics, Economics or a related field
  • Devops mindset, where thinking about application and deployment go hand in hand. Taking stability, security, performance and reliability to heart.
  • Experience with backend development. Designing APIs and implementing enpoints.
  • Knows Serverside Javascript in and out
  • Likes well structured, maintainable code
  • Experience with Nodejs, nosql databases, asynchronous processing, event driven architecture
  • A strong sense of ownership and responsibility for code quality that follows industry best practices
  • A passion for learning and adapting to new technologies
  • Ability to present multiple approaches to solve a problem and evaluating their pros and cons.
  • Must have an deep understanding of web-app development
  • Strong analytical and diagnostic skills when dealing with issues that are not readily defined


Our Offer

  • A real opportunity to become a shining star within a brand with huge potential
  • A great story of a start-up conquering the world
  • Extremely innovative and new tech product & services
  • A once-in-a-lifetime employer, filled with entrepreneurs, creative minds, innovators and passionate people
  • A competitive salary with extra benefits
  • Flexible hours
  • Option to work remotely when necessary


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