“You can wear this personal alarm system day and night”

8 April 2016 - 7 minutes read

Netta and Pien are happy with Zembro bracelet personal alarm systemAt the end of 2015 I met Netta at a trade fair where Zembro was present with a booth. A healthy, smart lady of 83 years of age from The Hague. Our company was called Embracelet at the time and our personal alarm system designed as a watch wasn’t available yet at the time. But Netta had already read about us in an article on the internet and she had decided to visit the trade fair to meet us specifically. We had a personal connection and I showed her our prototype at the time and told her all about the future of Zembro. In the meantime we stayed in touch and I got to deliver her bracelet at her home last week. Her daughter Pien (56) was also present, which gave us the opportunity to install the app as well and test the personal alarm system.


Netta has three daughters, one of which is Pien, who lives in a small village on the east side of The Netherlands. One of Netta’s other daughters lives in Southern France and the third daughter lives close by but is very busy with her career and her part-time studies. Netta loves going out on her own but she realized that at her age it might be smart to think about getting a personal alarm system. She has a mobile phone, but she doesn’t always carry it with her. “And when you fall, your phone often falls further away. On top of that you have to go through the proceedings of making a connection, which takes longer on a mobile phone”, she explains. Her daughters don’t visit her daily and she had no personal connection with her neighbours where she feels comfortable enough to contact them in case of an emergency. For instance during that one time where she heard a drunk guy snoring outside her front door. The police took three hours before they came around to take the man away.

Innovative personal alarm system

The Zembro bracelet personal alarm system smartwatchWhen Netta read about Zembro bracelet, she forwarded the information to her daughter Pien and they talked about this and other options. She has researched another personal alarm system, but didn’t like the fact that it was only available as a necklace or a clip to put on her belt. A bracelet was a better idea. She could wear that during the night and in the shower.
“I didn’t choose Zembro bracelet because of the price”, says Netta. “The Zembro story was just a good story. The big advantage is the fact that you can wear it day and night”. Pien adds: “Zembro bracelet looked more innovative than any other personal alarm system. It keeps evolving.” Netta: “The other systems were often necklaces that you don’t wear during the night and that you can’t wear in the shower where most falls happen.”


Pien thought her mother made a wise decision wanting to buy a personal alarm system. “I already suggested to give her a call every morning, but that’s undoable. Very unhandy when someone wants to sleep in late and it also doesn’t prevent something from happening an hour later. One of those alert necklaces isn’t a good solution. My dad had one of those and he wasn’t happy with it either. I do think the bracelet is a little on the big side for thin wrists, I hope that doesn’t affect the comfort when wearing it.” Pien is very happy with the app. She manages all the settings for the entire family. “Very easy to use”, she says.

Just in case

Netta: “I really bought Zembro just in case. For instance when I go shopping. And the other day I experienced something on the train where I could have used Zembro bracelet. My mobile phone got stolen! A man showed me a map of Amsterdam while we were on the train towards Utrecht, I thought that was odd. He bowed over me and spoke little Dutch. My phone was underneath the newspaper on my lap, but he just snatched away my phone. I couldn’t call anyone. In that case Zembro bracelet would have come in handy because you need to talk to someone but it isn’t serious enough to call the emergency number.”

Always reachable

Pien adds: “I’m used to my mother being reachable by phone or mobile. If that doesn’t work out, I call my sister who lives nearby and she usually knows more about my mother’s day planning. There have been moments where I got a bad feeling. But then it turned out she was at some museum or she hadn’t heard the phone. Of course she doesn’t always tell me what she’s going to do. A negative side effect of having a mobile phone is expecting to always be reachable. When that turns out to be untrue, it gets a little scary.
Netta and Pien are exactly the kind of people that we made Zembro bracelet for. The senior that is active, the daughter that lives far away but still wants to be connected: people who lead their own lives but care for each other. Still, I hope they never actually need Zembro bracelet.

frederiqueFrederique, Conversation Manager Zembro

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