Zembro 24/7 alarm service saves lives

9 February 2016 - 4 minutes read

One could easily fall, get Zembro 24/7 alarm serviceIn the short amount of time that our Zembro bracelet and Zembro 24/7 alarm service has been on the market, the necessity of our solution has already proved itself. Yesterday we received – for the second time in a short amount of time – a real emergency alert. I would like to tell you more about how these things happen and about what we do in case of an emergency. That way you will know you will always have peace of mind when you wear Zembro bracelet.

Fallen out of bed

Yesterday morning 06.45 o’clock. A time where most people are still enjoying their good night’s rest. Like probably the children of the senior this story is about. The senior himself was up early however. When he tried to get out of bed, he fell down and couldn’t get up by himself. He pressed the alarm button on his Zembro bracelet. Unfortunately his children didn’t hear the alarm. They were still sound asleep.

Zembro 24/7 alarm service

The senior had also subscribed to the Zembro 24/7 alarm service thankfully, which insured him of a response to his alerts 24 hours a day. When his children don’t hear the alert or are unable to answer it, the employees of the Zembro 24/7 alarm service are always there to help the senior.


Zembro 24/7 alarm serviceWhen the Zembro callcenter received the alarm by the senior who had fallen out of bed, they called the senior to ask what was going on and if he truly needed help. When the answer was positive to that question, the employee tried to contact the senior’s connections by phone. In this case his connections were his children. The connections are usually able to go to the senior quickly and often they also have the key to the senior’s house. In this particular case the children were unable to answer the phone and the Zembro employee chose to send in the professional emergency services.


When the Zembro employee was finally able to reach the son of the senior, he quickly went to his father’s house. That’s where he found the ambulance. Unfortunately the paramedics were unable to enter the home without a key and they had already contacted the police and fire department.

Good ending

Eventually everything worked out for the best. Without the Zembro 24/7 alarm service it might have taken hours or even days before help would have arrived. And that help may have been too late by then. Zembro doesn’t only give peace of mind to seniors and their families, but it actually saves lives. We’d like you to realize this because it’s very important to us. And as part of the Zembro team that makes this happen, I am very proud of this fact.

frederiqueFrederique, Conversation Manager Zembro

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