Wander detection in development

18 July 2016 - 3 minutes read

wander detectionThanks to your feedback we continue to improve and expand Zembro bracelet’s features. You asked us for wander detection. Our engineers started working on new features to satisfy your needs. In this article you’ll read more about the wander detection and other developments.

Wander detection

Your wish for wander detection was one we loved working on. This feature gives more peace of mind to families that care for a senior who’s beginning to forget things, but is still living independently.

How does wander detection work?

zone detection on Zembro braceletYou (the family) can determine a safe zone, warning zone and alarm zone in the app. The green zone is the safe zone where the senior can move around freely. The yellow zone is the warning zone, where the app will receive a notification when the senior enters the warning zone. The red zone is the alarm zone. When the senior enters this zone, the app will receive an alarm.
By determining the zones within the app, the wander detection can be fitted to the personal situation of the senior.

Wander detection tests

The first tests of this new feature have finished. We’d like to do some further testing with our customers that could really use wander detection. This way we can learn from real life situations and improve the feature based on these tests. Do you already own Zembro bracelet and do you want to help us improve this feature? Please let us know by sending an email to service@zembro.com.

Automatic time zone change

Zembro watchMore new possibilities! When you change time zones in the future, Zembro bracelet will automatically change time to the new time zone. This also goes for daylight savings. Please notice: the change in time has a delay and will take several hours to complete. You will receive this update automatically when you recharge the bracelet.


Your feedback is very important for further development of Zembro bracelet. Do you have any feedback or wished, please let us know so we can work on it. Feel free to contact Customer Care through service@zembro.com.

If you’re going on holiday this summer: safe travels to you!

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