A new wind is blowing…

10 May 2016 - 1 minute read

desk“And, how was your first week?”

That’s probably the most asked question last week for Dirk, Kirby and Elien. It was ‘wise’, interesting and also ‘gezellig’ as we say over here. Gezellig means something similar to cozy but doesn’t quite catch the whole meaning.

Fun to work at Zembro

Zembro team members in the building near to Ghent, Zwijnaarde.Wise? That’s the word we use over here in Ghent, Belgium when something is fun. Because it is really fun to work in the Zembro team. People are listening to your idead and you get to work on those, all input is welcome.

Motivated people

Interesting? Very. A whole lot of motivated people that try to get their product known. They always strive to improve everything. That’s how it works at a startup. We have a great product, believe in it 200% and we try to help as many people with it as we possibly can.

desk (2)Gezellig? We are not used to very warm weather in Belgium so when it’s hot, we sigh. We are currently sitting in each other’s laps at Zembro, but change is coming. Starting next week we move to a new building! We’re moving to Moutstraat 72 in Ghent.

Elien, Conversation Manager Zembro