11 useful gadgets for active seniors

Technical progress is making life easier. It can save us time to invest in more…

Published 18 August 2016
6 minutes read

Personal alarm or mobile phone? 10 reasons why you need a personal alarm

“These days everyone has a mobile phone, right? Seniors as well. Why would I need…

Published 16 August 2016
6 minutes read

Wander detection in development

Thanks to your feedback we continue to improve and expand Zembro bracelet’s features. You asked…

Published 18 July 2016
3 minutes read

Special Father’s Day promotion

Your father doesn’t have Zembro bracelet yet? But he lives alone and he could use…

Published 1 June 2016
1 minute read

New Zembro head office

As you were able to read in the previous blog post ‘A new wind is…

Published 31 May 2016
1 minute read

New: signal when pushing the alarm – Zembro bracelet update

No more false alarms In the update we’re rolling out today, the Zembro bracelet will…

Published 19 May 2016
Less than a minute read

Zembro in the press 2016

In this blog post you will find all the English language articles published about Zembro…

Published 19 May 2016
Less than a minute read

A new wind is blowing…

“And, how was your first week?” That’s probably the most asked question last week for…

Published 10 May 2016
1 minute read

New updates Zembro bracelet & app

Based on the feedback of our customers, we’ve added a few improvements to Zembro bracelet…

Published 26 April 2016
3 minutes read

“You can wear this personal alarm system day and night”

At the end of 2015 I met Netta at a trade fair where Zembro was…

Published 8 April 2016
7 minutes read

Anyone who’s 65 or over has 10 times more chance of falling than having a traffic accident

Did you know that someone over the age of 65 is ten times more likely…

Published 23 March 2016
3 minutes read

260 days on board a start-up

You can take the words ‘on board’ quite literally. It’s exactly what we were. The…

Published 22 February 2016
7 minutes read