New updates Zembro bracelet & app

26 April 2016 - 3 minutes read

montre ZembroBased on the feedback of our customers, we’ve added a few improvements to Zembro bracelet and Zembro app. The new updates will be rolled out in several phases. This means not everyone will receive the update as soon as they start charging their bracelet. It’s possible you will get your update next week. It will automatically download and install itself when you charge the bracelet. All you have to do is charge the bracelet completely.

New updates Zembro bracelet

When your bracelet has installed the update, you will notice the battery has been optimized. This will make the battery last longer. It’s also possible to cancel the alarm from the bracelet after the update is installed. Did you accidentally push the alarm button or did someone respond to the alarm and is it no longer necessary to stay in alarm mode? Then you can cancel the alarm by pushing the alarm button 7 times. Or you can just charge the bracelet like you did before.

Update Zembro app

ZEMBRO-Iphone home ENThe Zembro app update gives you a new possibility: cancel the alarm from the app. When the bracelet is in alarm, you will see the button for canceling the alarm on the right upper corner. You can only see this button when the bracelet and app are both fully updated with the latest software. The version number of the newest update for iOS is version 1.3.5. The version number of the newest update for Android is 1.2.0.

Battery status bracelet

Some of our customers have a small problem with charging their battery. It seems like the battery doesn’t get charged fully. The percentage stays at a maximum of 76%. However, the battery is truly charged more than 76%. The battery will last more than 7 days, even with this error.

We’ve discovered the reason for this error and it will be fixed in the next update of the bracelet. We are working hard on this update. We’re sorry for any inconvenience you might be experiencing.

Do you have feedback or suggestions for new updates, or are you experiencing other errors? Please contact our Customer Care Team, they will gladly help you out.

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