Personal alarm or mobile phone? 10 reasons why you need a personal alarm

16 August 2016 - 6 minutes read

Personal alarm or mobile phone“These days everyone has a mobile phone, right? Seniors as well. Why would I need a personal alarm system?” You often ask us this question. That’s why we’d like to tell you about the advantages of a personal alarm over a mobile phone. So you no longer have to ask yourself: ‘personal alarm or mobile phone?’

1) 24/7 with you

Your mobile phone is at the night stand when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. But a personal alarm you carry with you. At least, a mobile personal alarm system. For instance a personal alarm bracelet.

2) Always nearby

Your mobile phone will fall further away from you when you make a tumble. A personal alarm bracelet is always on your wrist, thus within reach. A personal alarm necklace or clip doesn’t solve the problem when you fall, unfortunately. These versions can also fall away from you or somehow get out of your reach. You may have forgotten to take the clip from your other pair of trousers.

3) WaterproofWaterproof personal alarm

You probably can’t take your mobile phone with you in the shower or the swimming pool. Waterproof personal alarm systems exist, for instance the personal alarm by Zembro: Zembro bracelet. You can shower with it and even swim with it in the sea or a pool.

4) Stress

In situations of stress, it’s possible something simple as dialing a phone number turns out to be more difficult than you could ever imagine. You might even forget the PIN for your phone so you won’t be able to use it. A personal alarm has only one button to push when in need. No need to think any further when you’re under stress.

5) No roaming costs

Roaming means using the internet and/or making phone calls from within another country. Lots of people that travel to a foreign country, turn off roaming in the settings of their phone. This way they can keep themselves from receiving an unpleasant phone bill when they get back from their travels. Only a small part of the current personal alarms work in Europe. Zembro bracelet personal alarm does not only work in all of Europe: there are no extra costs for using it in another European country.

6) Long battery lifelonger battery life for a personal alarm

A smart phone has a battery with a lifespan of around 1 to 2 days. The battery of a personal alarm system usually has a longer lifespan. Zembro bracelet personal alarm system guarantees a minimum of a 1 week lifespan. Usually the battery life is longer, depending on the use of the bracelet. Charging the battery to its full capacity takes even less than 2 hours.

7) Perfect network coverage in Europe

Your mobile phone is hooked to just one mobile network. When this network is challenged, you won’t be able to call anyone. This happens when you live out in the country where there are less cell towers, or for instance when you’re at an extremely busy festival. The personal alarm system of Zembro works on all networks. When you push the distress button, it will connect to the strongest network around. This means you will have a much bigger chance of getting connected than when it would use only one network.

8) Instant contactmobile phone or personal alarm

When you try to call someone on your mobile phone, and that person doesn’t answer their phone, you will have to keep on calling people until you reach someone. With Zembro bracelet personal alarm, you only have to push a button once. The bracelet will connect you automatically to the first person that responds to your emergency call.

9) Professional backup

The fact that almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, doesn’t mean they always answer it. If you have a Zembro bracelet, you can also add a professional emergency call centre – aside from adding your family. With the professional emergency call centre, you’re always sure to get the help you need.

10) Known locationmobile phone or personal alarm

When you’re incapable to speak, you can’t tell anyone where you are over the phone. You won’t be able to send your location easily through your mobile phone either. You have to take several steps when you want to send your location and you will need a specific app. With a mobile personal alarm, your location is instantly sent out when you press the alarm button. The personal alarm system by Zembro respects the privacy of the senior and only sends out the location when the bracelet is in alarm. That way you will be sure help arrives at the right place.

Personal alarm or mobile phone?

What do you think? Personal alarm or mobile phone? Please share your thoughts below.

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