Time for a personal alarm system?

8 February 2016 - 6 minutes read

Zembro bracelet personal alarm systemAs a member of the Zembro team I go to a lot of trade fairs. People will visit our booth and this gives me the opportunity to talk to a lot of people who are interested in personal alarm systems. It’s usually the grownup children of seniors that see the necessity of a personal alarm system. The 65+ year old seniors themselves usually think: “personal alarm system? I’m not that old?!” But it’s not about being old. It’s also not about feeling old. It’s about taking responsibility for the fact that you’re growing older and people around you are starting to worry about you, but at the same time wanting to maintain your independence.


I remember being warned as a kid: don’t take any candy from strangers, don’t open the door to strangers, don’t ride your bike alone at night. And I listened to it. Still I don’t ride my bike alone in the dark, unless there’s no other way to get home. Up till recently I would let someone know when I was leaving somewhere and where I was going. But now I wear Zembro bracelet, my personal alarm system and it gave me back my freedom. Because I would never forgive myself if something happened to me while my parents have warned me for that specific situation.

Growing older

Man wearing Zembro bracelet personal alarm systemBut how are you going to start ‘the talk’ with your pigheaded father or mother that doesn’t see your worries are plausible? Grownup children see their parents get into trouble with things that never used to cause difficulties. For instance getting up or down the stairs in a store where your mother now holds the banisters scrupulously. Or the fact that your father hits a stump while parking more often than he used to. In their turn, parents have trouble asking their children for help more often, for instance when the tax return is due to be sent in online. Or when they simply can’t carry their groceries by themselves anymore. It’s frightening for both parties.

Personal alarm system

Personal alarm systems is one of those hard topics to talk about, because when is it time for a personal alarm system? That’s different for everyone. There are different kinds of personal alarm systems for different kinds of seniors. A personal alarm system for inside the home and maybe in the garden, a personal alarm system for outside or even in Europe. A personal alarm system with a big, red button on a necklace or a box, and a personal alarm system with a modern design without stigma.

Zembro bracelet personal alarm system

Personal alarm system for seniorsZembro bracelet is a personal alarm system specifically for active seniors that do a lot by themselves. This can be seniors who live alone and ride their bikes, walk in the forest, or go grocery shopping every day. Or people who hibernate in Spain, swim in a swimming pool or live in a remote areas. In any case seniors that don’t need extensive medical care yet, but still want the comfort of knowing that someone is close by in case something happens when they’re by themselves. Seniors who understand that they’re in a position where it can take hours or even days before someone finds them when they fall. Seniors who dislike the stigma a red alarm button brings them and would rather wear a modern watch that is unrecognizable as a personal alarm system. A watch that can be worn 24 hours a day, even in bed and in the shower. Most falling accidents happen in the bathroom after all, and it’s one of those spaces where a phone is often out of reach.

Zembro bracelet: your personal alarm systemTips for talking about a personal alarm system

– Start your conversation from the perspective that you want to help them make their lives easier.

– Start with the goal instead of the problem and ask questions instead of drawing conclusions.

– Get a neutral third party involved that has the respect of your parents to introduce the topic, for instance one of their friends or maybe even a grandchild.

– Realize that many people oppose change. Be patient that this will take some time.

– Don’t start this conversation during a holiday that is being celebrated with your family.

– Try to make them understand that the help offered it meant to enable them to live independently for longer, and not to take away their independence.

Do you have any experience with conversations about personal alarm systems or other kinds of help to seniors? Please feel free to respond to this blog, I’m curious about your experiences and maybe you can help others with your tips.

frederiqueFrederique, Conversation Manager Zembro

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