World Alzheimer Day

21 September 2015 - 3 minutes read

World Alzheimer DayIt’s been years ago, but I still remember well. My dear grandmother got dementia. It started in a small way: sometimes she couldn’t remember someone’s name, or she forgot about an appointment. Until it got more serious and she forgot to eat or forgot the way home. Today is World Alzheimer Day.


We were very concerned and my parents had to deal with a lot. We were one of the few relatives who lived nearby, so we were supposed to keep an eye on grandma. While both my parents were working fulltime, and my brother and I were in puberty.

Independent woman

Of course my grandmother didn’t want to go live in a care facility. She had been living alone for years ever since my grandfather died and she had always been a very independent woman. She loved walking and was walking long distances well into her seventies, so physically she was still doing well. Every now and then we had a good laugh though. For instance when she forgot she had already had her daily alcoholic drink. It’s quite amusing to see your grandmother tipsy.


However, it’s pretty hard to see your beloved grandma slide away. When she realized something was wrong, she got sad. “What is happening to me?!” she would often call out in despair. At a certain moment she couldn’t remember her own children’s names. Or she would glare into the open space and ask when her dead husband was going to come home from work.

World Alzheimer Day

If Zembro bracelet had existed back in those days, my family and I would have had some peace of mind during the moments we couldn’t be with her. She has since passed away and I still miss her every day. Today during World Alzheimer Day I’m remembering her. And that this will most likely happen to me when I grow older as well.

frederiqueFrederique, Conversation Manager Zembro

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