Frequently Asked Questions

You have a few questions? You’ll probably find an answer below. If you’re still stuck with an unanswered question, contact us at or call us: 0800 069 88 62 (toll free number in the UK). We will respond as soon as we can.


How does Zembro bracelet work?

There are two aspects to the concept behind Zembro bracelet. On one hand, you have the Zembro bracelet itself, by which we mean the bracelet. On the other, you have an application that is installed on a smartphone.
The Zembro senior wears the bracelet and the connections (family members or other contacts) use the application on their smartphones. The senior doesn’t need a smartphone, computer or fixed-line telephone to be able to use the bracelet.

There's a chip in the bracelet that is in constant connection with the telephone network. This is why the senior never needs a mobile phone if the alarm is sounded; the bracelet acts as a telephone.
The bracelet is charged via a USB cable that connects to a computer, or a charging plug that goes in a power outlet.

Is Zembro bracelet waterproof?

Your Zembro emergency bracelet is water-resistant, but not waterproof. You can wear and use your Zembro emergency bracelet, for example, during sport (contact with sweat is OK), in the rain, and when washing your hands.

Is Zembro bracelet suitable for people suffering from dementia?

The Zembro bracelet hardware includes an inbuilt option for sending a warning if the senior ‘wanders off’. You can use this to indicate that the Zembro senior may only wander x metres from home. As soon as this distance is exceeded, the Zembro bracelet sounds an alarm and gives its position.

However, this function is currently under development. We use the first few months to learn from the few seniors that use this function. If you are interested in helping us further develop this function, please contact us.

We do not consider Zembro bracelet to be suitable for people who suffer from severe dementia and have the tendency to remove clothing, et cetera. At the moment, the bracelet is easy to put on and take off. We do have plans to develop a version in which the armband is fitted with a lock to make it more difficult to remove.

Is Zembro bracelet suitable for seniors with poor eyesight?

A third of all falls take place in the bathroom, usually at night while on the way to the toilet. Through the simple working of the Zembro bracelet, it can be used with ease by people who, for example, have forgotten to put their glasses on and find themselves in this situation.

Please note that we do not consider Zembro bracelet to be suitable for blind people as there are currently no voice commands active. They can see neither the clock, nor the battery status, but can sound the alarm.

Is Zembro bracelet suitable for the hearing impaired?

The sound of the bracelet is not adjustable. This means that the default sound is not audible to everyone. Therefore, the bracelet is probably unsuitable for the hearing impaired. Especially in areas with a lot of noise or outdoors.

Does Zembro bracelet have a ‘wandering off’ function?

See the answer to the question: ‘Is Zembro bracelet suitable for people suffering from dementia?’

Can I change the volume?

At the moment the volume is fixed. We're investigating if we can add this option in the future.


What does Zembro bracelet cost?

Check the current prices and options on the ‘Prices and Options’ page.

I hear an engaged tone if I try to call the bracelet.

Another family member is already on a call with the Zembro senior on the bracelet. On the start screen of the app, you’ll see a timeline that shows who has called the bracelet.

How much does it cost to call the bracelet?

Zembro connections call the bracelet at the standard European rates as defined by their smartphone payment plans. This means an addition of 6 cents per minute in 2016. This addition will fade out in 2017. The number of the bracelet is a Swedish number.

What does Zembro service include?

When you choose to buy Zembro bracelet, you will also pay a monthly service fee. Zembro service includes the connection that ensures your Zembro bracelet is available at all times anywhere in Europe. There are no extra call charges from the bracelet. You can add an unlimited number of connections in the Zembro app. They all receive a message via the app in the event of an alarm. Our system informs all connections, one by one.

What costs are included in Zembro service?

The service costs plan include the constant connection with the Zembro senior’s personal connections via the Zembro app, localisation in the event of an alarm being sounded and free software updates for the Zembro bracelet and the Zembro app.

Are there extra costs if I sound the alarm?

No. The Zembro senior does not pay any extra costs for sounding an alarm. The connections pay for telephone calls to the bracelet at the standard European rate of their smartphone provider.

What does the Zembro 24/7 alarm service include?

The Zembro 24/7 alarm service is a professional call centre that answers the telephone in the case of an emergency, at any time, day or night. The call centre then informs other connections of the situation and – if necessary – emergency services. The Zembro 24/7 alarm service can also be arranged after the initial purchase or hiring of Zembro bracelet.

What costs are included in Zembro 24/7 alarm service?

The price for the Zembro 24/7 alarm service ensures that a staff member is available for you at all times, day and night, seven days a week. Any costs for communication to the bracelet are also included in the prices.

Are the costs related to the emergency services included in the service costs?


I don’t have a Visa/MasterCard. How can I pay?

You can pay in our webshop using your creditcard, direct debit, Bancontact or iDeal.


Sounding the alarm

How do I sound the alarm?

Hold down the button on the bracelet screen for 4 continuous seconds and then release it. The bracelet will then count down for 20 seconds and sound the alarm. After 5 seconds you will hear an sos tone so that you know you've sounded the alarm. The alarm button is invisible. It's placed underneath the surface of the clock.

How can I cancel the alarm if I’ve sounded it by accident?

If you accidentally press the alarm button in and release it, the bracelet will count down for 20 seconds and then the alarm will sound. During the 20 second countdown, you can cancel the alarm by pressing on the button again. Did you miss the 20 second countdown? You can then cancel the alarm by charging the bracelet.

What happens when I sound the alarm?

The bracelet sends out the alarm, together with your location. It then goes into hands-free telephone mode and waits for a telephone connection. One by one, every family member who has the Zembro app installed on their smartphone will receive a notification that the alarm has been sounded. They can then call the bracelet and will be immediately connected with the Zembro senior.

How can I call the bracelet when the alarm has been sounded?

In the event of an alarm, you’ll see two buttons on the Zembro app in the middle of your screen. One immediately calls the Zembro bracelet. The other calls the Zembro senior’s telephone. Press on ‘bracelet’ to be put in direct contact via the bracelet.

Do I need to have an internet connection to receive an alarm notification?

Yes. In order to receive alarm notifications and the location of the senior, your smartphone must be connected to the internet via a mobile internet bundle or Wi-Fi.

Can I sound the alarm wherever I am?

The bracelet must be in connection with a mobile phone signal tower. The bracelet can therefore sound an alarm anywhere that people usually have a mobile phone signal.

Can I receive alarm notifications via SMS?

Yes. People who have a regular mobile phone can receive an alarm message via SMS. The SMS contains the phone number of the bracelet so you can contact the bracelet. The location however will not be sent via SMS.

How does Zembro bracelet know if the alarm should be sent via the app or SMS?

Connections that have never logged in on the app, will automatically receive an SMS during an alarm.

What happens if I haven’t seen the alarm notification or accidentally delete it?

As long as the bracelet is in alarm mode, the connections will receive notifications. When the alarm is sounded, the first listed connection will receive a notification. One minute later, the next connection will be notified of the alarm. This process continues until all connections have been notified. Afterwards, it will begin over and the first connection will be sent another notification.

How can I turn off the alarm?

There are 3 options to turn off the alarm.

  • The bracelet must be charged by plugging the USB cable and charger (included) into a power point. We advise fully charging the bracelet after an alarm has been sounded.
  • Connections can also turn off the alarm through their Zembro app.
  • You can turn off the alarm by pushing the alarm button 7 times (quickly) until you see the clock again.

Can I also call the bracelet if there hasn’t been an alarm sounded?

No. You can only call the bracelet when it is sounding the alarm.


If a Zembro senior is inside during an alarm and there is no connection to a GPS satellite, it is possible that the Zembro connections will not receive the location. All other alarm functions will still work as normal.

The Zembro app

On which telephone devices can I use the app?

The Zembro app works on iPhone 5 and higher with the iOS 9 operating system and higher. It also works on Android phone with Android 4.3 and higher. We are not developing an app for Windows phones.  However, connections with a windows phone or another type of mobile phone can receive an alert by SMS.  In this message we will offer the number of the Zembro bracelet that can be dialed in the event of an alert.

I only have a home phone. Can I use the app or receive an alert?

No. Zembro bracelet doesn't send messages to home phones. Only mobile phones can receive an alert.

Can I change the telephone number of the Zembro senior?

No. If you click on ‘Telephone’ when using the Zembro app, you will call the number that the Zembro senior gave as their own telephone number when the Zembro bracelet was purchased. If this number no longer exists, you can contact our customer service.

Can I change the telephone numbers of various connections?

In the app, you can change the telephone numbers of all connections, except for the first connection, whose details were given when the Zembro bracelet was purchased. If you wish to change the telephone number of the first connection, please contact a customer service representative.

How can I install a new photo of the senior on the app start screen?

To install a new photo of the senior, you open the Zembro app and click on the dots at the right side of the current photo. Choose ‘Select an existing picture’ or ‘Take a new picture’ and follow the steps on your screen.

Can I change the order of the connections?

Yes. Click on the image of a cog in the top-right corner of the screen to access the settings. Go to ‘Connections’ and click on ‘Edit’ in the top-right corner to change the order of the connections. You can then hold and swype each connection in the preferred order.

Why can’t I delete the first connection?

The connection stipulated as the first point of contact at the time of purchase cannot be deleted. All connections who were added later can be deleted. If you do wish to change the first connection, please contact our customer service.

What happens if I add an extra connection?

If you add someone, the new connection will receive an SMS message with instructions for the installation of the Zembro app.

Who can add or delete extra connections?

The first connection can add the second and next connections. If the second or next connection has installed the app, this person can add or delete extra connections as well.

What is the ‘Energy use’ setting for?

Connections receive the location of the bracelet if an alarm is sounded. The more often the location is checked, the greater the battery use by the bracelet. This also applies to checking the time.

Other questions

 How long does the battery charge last?

With normal use, the battery lasts in Standby up to 5 days.

How long does it take to deliver Zembro bracelet?

We're doing our best to send out orders on working days within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary information. The actual delivery time depends on the parcel delivery company and your location.