Essentials Mini Pro
Essentials Mini Pro
Essentials Mini Pro

Essentials Mini Pro

Elevate the safety standards of your care facility with the Zembro Essentials Mini: the industry's go-to emergency button solution. Crafted for the modern care industry, this device ensures immediate alerts, be it indoors or outdoors, bridging the gap between caregivers and those in need. With impeccable voice clarity and continuous connectivity, communication is both effortless and efficient. Integration capabilities with the SafeTrx platform and your chosen ARC streamline operations, while its versatile design allows for wear as a pendant or pocket carry. Choose the Zembro Essentials Mini and redefine care in your establishment.

Single press alert and cancel button for ease of use in emergency situation

2-way voice communication allows for reassurance and assessment of the situation

Long battery life allows for up to 3 days of use on a full charge

Simple Alert Button and Call Function

Prominent emergency button ensures wearers can swiftly alert you during emergencies. Plus, its built-in call function allows your staff or call centre to converse directly with them. For enhanced protection, the alarm is also connected directly to the SafeTrx alert platform which provides real-time updates.

Monitoring Platform

  • Platform certified for alert integration to industry leading alerting platforms, including Enovation and Sky Response.
  • Connect additional beacons, smart building IOT devices, and offers full client, organisation and user management features.
  • Fully scalable data-rich IOT platform to manage devices, set up users and locations, view and treat alerts.
  • Companion care home staff app for managing alerts, users and locations.


10 available languages for announcements and voice prompts mean that the Essentials Mini is suitable for most countries, even those where multiple languages are required.

(English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese)

What's in the Box?


Essentials Mini with 2-way voice communication

Charging Dock

Full charge in approximately 90 minutes


Easy and comfortable to wear around the neck


Device usage and care instructions

Want to Know More?

To discuss how Zembro and the Essentials Mini Pro can fit into your overall care solution or to arrange a demo or trial, contact our experienced sales and services team. With years of experience in providing custom solutions and with extremely competitive pricing, we're sure we'll be able to take your care services to the next level.