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Digital Solutions for Remote Caregiving

At Zembro, we offer a multi-metric, location, safety and well-being monitoring system to seamlessly connect elders with their care community. Comprising a flexible IOT platform, wearables, and sensors, Zembro is uniquely positioned to deliver your scalable, integrated remote care solution.

Integrated Solutions for Monitor Response Centres

The Zembro solution is fully integrated with the Enovation UMO and Sky Response Alarm Response Centre solutions. Existing clients of Ennovation and Sky Response can now seamlessly integrate all Zembro solutions into their portfolio.

Alternatively, a simple messaging interface and OpenAPI make integrations to other systems straightforward.

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Resident Care Monitoring

As the demand for better elder care grows, Zembro offers care communities the opportunity to reach beyond traditional, reactive solutions and adopt a proactive solutions tailored to the care needs of each of their residents.

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Independent Living Support

Empowering independent living by blending technology with dignity. It's a vigilant companion, monitoring movements, sending alerts when needed, and promoting safety. The Zembro solution fosters autonomy while ensuring peace of mind, providing a seamless balance between independence and care.

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Zembro Powered by Safetrx

By combining our respected Zembro service offering with the power and flexibility of the SafeTrx monitoring and alerting platform we are able to bring a wide range of innovative solutions and support services to enhance any care offering

Live Monitoring

All our devices provide near real-time updates to the platform and carer app when in alerting mode, while our Wander Alert solution also provides room monitoring on a regular basis

Simple Interfaces

We ensure that our monitoring console, carer app and user devices are all simple and easy to use in an often hectic and staff-short industry.

Highly Configurable

All our devices allow configuration of functions at the user level while the ability to set up personal and group-level safety and danger zones is unique to the industry

Alerts and Reminders

As well as capturing and displaying all alerts, our platform can be used to set up regular reminders, such as medication alerts, to wearers of the devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The mSafety wearable by Sony can supplement its own data with recognized measuring equipment to be sent wirelessly to the SafeTrx platform via Bluetooth protocol. Contact our services team to discuss any potential requirements.

Pre-Built Integrations

The platform already has onward alerting capability to any ARCs using the Enovation or SkyResponse platforms while our API makes integrations to other systems simple.

How it Works

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Wander Alert is the award winning, wrist worn wearable with advanced sensors for real-time location tracking, activity monitoring, automatic and manual alerting.

Simple Alert is a reliable, quick manual alerting solution with location tracking. Durable design, long battery life, perfect for daily use. Includes 2-way messaging with caregivers.

Essentials Comfort delivers help with the push of a button! Easy setup of up to 9 contacts who will be alerted via 2-way voice, SMS, or email. Also includes standard watch features

Essentials Mini is a pocket-sized, light-as-a-feather pendant. Featuring 2-way audio for instant caregiver to senior communication during SOS situations.

Dementia Bracelet

For added protection, the optional dementia bracelet is compatible with our Wander Alert, Simple Alert and Essentials Comfort watches.

The simple lockable bracelet ensures that only trained care staff can remove the watch and guarantees the wearer is being tracked at all times.


Introducing Wander Alert

The industry leading safety and danger zone management system for Dementia and Alzheimer's care.


We don't want you to just take our word for it. Hear how our clients are providing enhanced services through their partnerships with Zembro.

Wander Alert keeps your grandmother at home and out of a care home for longer.  It also brings peace of mind to the relatives of an older person who is prone to wandering.





I’m impressed by your Wander Alert on mSafety, and I want to move forward and have this in our product portfolio for Posifon.  It will be our premium product.  We also want advanced fall detection.



I am really excited about the precision of the technology, if the user interface is now designed easy to use for the relatives I think this watch is really fantastic!







Neem voor meer informatie over hoe Zembro uw zorgorganisatie kan helpen, om een ​​demo te regelen of om het uitvoeren van een proef te bespreken, contact op met sales via .