Zembro Care and SafeTrx Integrated Into Enovation UMO Monitoring Platform

Zembro Care and SafeTrx Integrated Into Enovation UMO Monitoring Platform
Brussels, Belgium, 20th April 2023
Zembro, a leading provider of mobile safety solutions for the elderly, is proud to announce the integration of its innovative elder alerting products based on SafeTrx into the Enovation UMO platform.
Zembro’s products have successfully passed Enovation’s thorough Factory Acceptance Tests for its high-reliability and high-accuracy tracking and alerting products, which are fully digital and include innovative apps and Alexa integration from SafeTrx, the leading search and rescue platform. All Zembro products are now fully compatible and certified with the Enovation UMO Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) platform, giving elder care 24x7 monitoring companies a range of powerful and high quality new products to reliably monitor and ensure the safety and well-being of elders and vulnerable people.
Zembro Care, specifically designed for elder alerting and tracking, comprises Wander Alert and Simple Alert products based on the mSafety wearable from SONY, as well as Zembro Essentials Mini and Comfort, which are pendant and wearable solutions which implement indoor and outdoor monitoring and alerting coupled with highly accurate GPS and per-minute updates. This ensures that caregivers can monitor and find an alerting person quickly and safely.
"We are thrilled to bring Zembro Care products to Enovation’s UMO platform users in the elderly care sector," said Caroline Van Zele, CEO of Zembro. "This integration gives care providers increased visibility into their patients' safety, and maximises the independence of elderly and vulnerable people, especially dementia sufferers for whom the Wander Alert product is designed."
The Enovation UMO platform is a comprehensive telecare monitoring solution that enables care providers to manage all aspects of alerting care, and is used widely across Europe. With the integration of Zembro Care, care providers will be able to easily track and monitor elders’ safety and well-being, while also communicating with them and their families in real-time.
"We are excited to be partnering with Zembro to integrate Zembro Care into our UMO platform," said Marcel Roest, Manager of UMO certified partner program. "With Zembro, care providers will have access to a range of powerful safety and communication products that will help them provide the best possible care to their monitored clients." For more information about our solutions, please visit www.zembro.com, or follow us on LinkedIn Zembro
About Zembro Launched in 2015 by leading Belgian entrepreneurs, the Zembro alert watch connects older adults with their caregivers in case of emergency and has been deployed widely throughout Europe. Now part of IOT specialist group Crescent NV and VZH Holding, and partnered with SafeTrx, Zembro offers a comprehensive service offer both to consumers and strategic partners. Zembro Care makes independent living for older adults safer, and their caregiving teams more connected and collaborative.
About Enovation For more than 40 years, Enovation has been bringing technology and healthcare together. The Enovation Platform supports digital care and collaboration throughout the patient journey and allows healthcare providers to focus on what is most important: time and attention for people. Enovation UMO facilitates integrated care – at every step, from early detection to remote monitoring and everything in between. Enovation has currently more than 290 employees in 13 offices around the world and operates in more than 18 countries.
About SafeTrx SafeTrx is the flagship tracking, care, and alerting solution from Irish software company 8 West Consulting. Based in Cork, 8 West builds digitization projects and solutions to reduce risks and protect lives. SafeTrx is closely integrated to professional partners and draws on the experience of 24 years in software development and on the expertise of 270 employees. 8 West is ISO27001 certified, with extensive experience at building applications to HIPAA and GDPR standards. SafeTrx has been deployed in 11 countries for maritime rescue, and in several private clients for remote patient monitoring and employee protection.
Zembro: info@zembro.com
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