Zembro Launch New Consumer Website

Zembro Launch New Consumer Website

Nieuwenrode, Belgium, 28th June 2023

Zembro is pleased to announce today the launch of its new consumer website for the sale of a comprehensive range of digital assistance and alerting devices for elder care direct to consumers in Germany, BeNeLux and France.

Visit zembro.com to discover the line-up of digital mobile alerting products, all simple-setup solutions using state-of-the-art digital technology and sensors that users can set up themselves without home visits from technicians.  The solutions all offer indoor and outdoor safety and communications to give independent-minded elders and their close contacts ease of mind and independence while being free to roam but still able to alert carers and family contacts if needed.

“Our primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more valuable, user-centric and content-rich experience across all our services and solutions,” says Caroline Van Zele, CEO of the newly relaunched Zembro.  “Specifically, we wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to find and understand valuable information about our solutions which are specific to their needs, while still keeping an easy-to-follow trusted shopping experience.”

Zembro’s digital solutions feature end-to-end digital encryption and GDPR-compliant security of user data, built on the tried-and-trusted SafeTrx platform which is used by search and rescue organisations around the world for tracking and finding people alerting in emergencies.  “We are excited to accompany Zembro today in the next phase of development, the launch of a consumer website and online shop for digital alerting solutions that use our robust SafeTrx platform to ensure alerts are sent to the right people at the right time,” says John Murphy, CEO of SafeTrx, based in Cork, Ireland.  “SafeTrx has been used for many years to rescue lives all around the world, and we look forward to bringing this high level of safety to Zembro’s customers and their families,” he adds.

The Zembro family of solutions includes flagship products Wander Alert and Simple Alert, built on the mSafety wearable from SONY, as well as Essentials Mini and Comfort, wearable and pendant alerting devices for alerting and calling loved ones.  All products are fully mobile, and Wander Alert additionally features in-home beacons to enable indoor and outdoor location which is tailored to dementia sufferers whose carers want to be alerted with real-time updates if they wander.

Visit zembro.com to view the full range of products and accessories, and to discover more as Zembro launches new products.


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