Simple Alert Pro
Simple Alert Pro
Simple Alert Pro

Simple Alert Pro

Introducing Simple Alert: the easy-to-use wrist-worn emergency solution tailored for the elderly. Harnessing the reliability of SONY's mSafety wearable, and keeping the operation as basic as possible, this device ensures the utmost safety for our senior community.

Seamlessly connected to the SafeTrx platform, and with onward integration to your chosen ARC, it empowers caregivers with the capability to promptly respond and accurately locate users in any situation. With Simple Alert, provide peace of mind and elevate the standard of care you provide.

IP68 fully waterproof, cleanable watch permanently connected using LTE-M, no phone needed.

Simple watchfaces, prioritising the info that counts to wearers: time, SOS button, and smaller symbols for network and connected devices.

Lightweight, discreet, and easily worn watch, with a strong strap which is soft on skin.

Emergency Alerting

  • Simple push button initiation of alerting mode
  • Per second location and per minute server updates ensure accuracy of location information to care staff and monitoring platform
  • Every alert includes contact details, location information and as much detail as is available
  • Additional alerts for low battery and not-worn status can also be sent to help with administration.

Monitoring Platform

  • Platform certified for alert integration to industry leading alerting platforms, including Enovation and Sky Response, and can connect additional beacons, smart building IOT devices, and offers full client, organisation and user management features.
  • Fully scalable data-rich IOT platform to manage devices, set up users and locations, view and treat alerts.
  • Companion care home staff app for managing alerts, users and locations.
  • User data and alerts encrypted and secured end to end.

Watch Features

  • Always connected due to in-built LTE-M modem, works automatically throughout Europe.
  • Fast simple recharge (45 mins) and long battery life (5+ days in typical network conditions)
  • Medically certified device, fully waterproof and cleanable to allow reuse and ensure long life.
  • Robust strap, allergy tested and resistant to cleaning materials. (Lockable strap available as an option).
  • Over the air configuration, with automatic software updates, and the ability to reprogram the watch to switch users and features.

What's in the Box?


Award winning mSafety


Identifies when at 'home' location and preserves battery life


Full charge in approximately 45 minutes


Device usage and care instructions

Want to Know More?

To discuss how Zembro and the Simple Alert Pro can fit into your overall care solution or to arrange a demo or trial, contact our experienced sales and services team. With years of experience in providing custom solutions and with extremely competitive pricing, we're sure we'll be able to take your care services to the next level.