Emergency Alerts

Simple push button alert sends instant notification straight to all your guardians.

Not Worn Alerts

Notifications to guardians when we detect the watch is not being worn.

Battery Alerts

Notifications to guardians when the battery is running low.

Emergency Alerting

  • Simple push button initiation of alerting mode
  • Per second location and per minute server updates ensure accuracy of location information to guardians
  • Every alert includes contact details, location information and as much detail as is available
  • Additional alerts for low battery and not-worn status can be sent by email to any combination of emergency contacts.

Location Accuracy

  • Class leading GPS accuracy to give detailed outdoor location position
  • Optional addition of Bluetooth beacons to give indoor position when in range
  • Low comms frequency preserves battery and ensure privacy is maintained outside of alerting mode
  • Alerts provide realtime location updates and added features to help track and share alert details with emergency services or other carers

Watch Features

  • Always connected due to in-built LTE-M modem, works automatically throughout Europe.
  • Alerts contain a link giving carers a live view on wearer data and updated location data.
  • Robust device, fully waterproof and cleanable.
  • Fast simple recharge (45 mins) and long battery life (5+ days in typical network conditions)
  • Robust strap, allergy tested and resistant to cleaning materials. (Lockable strap available as an option).
  • Over the air configuration, with automatic software updates, and the ability to reprogram the watch to switch users and features.

Frequently Asked Questions