Stel veiligheids- en gevarenzones in voor meldingen rechtstreeks aan alle voogden


Een eenvoudige waarschuwing met een druk op de knop stuurt direct een melding rechtstreeks naar alle voogden.

Niet gedragen waarschuwingen

Meldingen aan voogden wanneer we detecteren dat het horloge niet wordt gedragen


Meldingen aan voogden wanneer de batterij bijna leeg is

Outdoor Tracking

  • Automatic outdoor tracking and tracing with high accuracy GPS and per-minute updates.
  • Configurable geofences, with automatic alerting when a wearer leaves a designated safety zone or enters a danger zone.
  • Emergency manual alerting works indoors and outdoors, via button press.
  • Additional alerts for low battery, not-worn status, and no data connection, can be sent by email, SMS and voice call to any combination of emergency contacts.

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Indoor Tracking

  • Reliable connection to Bluetooth beacons.
  • Preserves battery when user is in presence of beacon.
  • Used in alerting situation to locate indoor position of user.
  • Can be used to track presence at other indoor locations.

Watch Features

  • Always connected due to in-built LTE-M modem, works automatically throughout Europe.
  • Alerts contain a link giving carers a live view on wearer data and updated location data.
  • Robust device, fully waterproof and cleanable.
  • Fast simple recharge (45 mins) and long battery life (2+ days in typical network conditions)
  • Robust strap, allergy tested and resistant to cleaning materials. (Lockable strap available as an option).
  • Over the air configuration, with automatic software updates, and the ability to reprogram the watch to switch users and features.
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